Beyond Borders

Differences in the assessment of patentability in JP, US and EP

20th of September 2017 9:00 am – 5:00 pm


Ron Harris (US)

Ron Harris deals day-to-day with all aspects of global patent application preparation and prosecution. He provides daily advice in chemical, pharmaceutical, medical device, software, mechanical, electrical and biochemical technologies.


Masashi Moriwaki (JP)

Masashi Moriwaki is an authorized patent and trademark attorney admitted in Japan. He has been around this IP practice areas for about 20 years including an in-house IP practitioner at Panasonic. He is a president of MORIWAKI IP, P.C. based in Kyoto.


Bernhard Ganahl, Dipl. Phys. (DE/EP)

Bernhard Ganahl is a German and European patent attorney with his focus on patent prosecution and litigation in the field of physics, electronics and software. He is one of the founders of PATRONUS IP.


1. Discrepancy in judging patentability in US, EP and JP – why a European invention is not necessarily an invention abroad

9:00 am
Inventive Step around the Globe – a comparison and discussion of the evaluation of inventiveness in EP, US and JP; all speakers will provide an insight into current aspects of inventiveness in their respective countries;

Case Scenarios – different cases will be analyzed and evaluated in terms of inventiveness according to the current practices/guidelines in EU, US and JP.

Lunch break 12:00 pm – 1:30 pm
“German sushi“ with original Japanese Wasabi

2. Actual developments for enforcing your patents in US, EP and JP

1:30 pm
The “Halo Swing“ decision of the US Supreme Court – Ron Harris will discuss the new meaning of exculpatory opinions and how the Halo case is changing the rules of avoiding large U.S. patent damages.

Mr. Harris will also speak on how and where to launch a lawsuit against a foreign defendant, in a United States court, during our talks in Germany and maybe Japan, too.

2:30 pm
UPC – Bernhard Ganahl will provide knowledge of unitary patent protection and the Unified Patent Court (UPC). You will learn how to use the new system and to choose the right strategy for requesting unitary effect for your European patents, or when and whether to opt your non-unitary European patents out of the UPC.

3:30 pm
Masashi Moriwaki will introduce to a brief overview of Patent litigation in Japan. You will learn recent aspects of patent infringement cases, DOE (Doctrine of Equivalents), Indirect Infringement, Damage Calculation, Evidence collection for patent litigation, and the technical advisors system are discussed.

3. Oktoberfest

5:00 pm
Abfahrt zum Oktoberfest

6:00 pm
Dinner at the Oktoberfest

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  • Participation fee: 300 € p.P. includes lunch and dinner at the Oktoberfest (including drinks).
  • For registration, please contact:
    Phone: +49 89 125 9960-0.
  • Please note that due to a limited number of participants the registrations are taken into consideration after entry date.
  • For participants who need accommodation a certain contingent is reserved in the hotel rooms nearby (about 220 € per room). Don‘t hesitate to contact us and we will send you a notification until 1st of August 2017.