Law office

Our firm

The firm Patronus IP was founded on January 1, 2013 though the consolidation of two long-standing patent and law firms. Our patent attorneys and attorneys at law are operating at three locations. Munich is the head office of PATRONUS IP. In addition we have branch offices in Heidelberg and Salzburg. Consequentially we can support our clients in Germany and Austria.

Our Patent Attorneys and European Patent Attorneys

Bernhard Ganahl (Dipl.-Phys., TU Munich)

Jan Robert Naefe (Dipl.-Ing., TU Clausthal)

Dr. Markus Zoller (Dr. rer. nat., M.Sc Biotechnology, TU Munich)

Dr. Dominique Trösch (Dr. rer. nat., Dipl.-Chem., Julius-Maximilian-University, Würzburg)

Christian Himmler (Dipl.-Ing. (FH); European Patent Attorney)

Julia Saladin (attorney at law: trademark and design law; domain law and competition law)

Our focus

With PATRONUS IP we have pooled our legal and technical competences. Our patent attorneys have at their disposal extensive knowledge in the areas of physics, electronic engineering, software, chemistry, biology, biotechnology, genetics, mechanical engineering, process engineering, material sciences and pharmaceutics. Our legal focus lies on trademark and design law and on technical protective rights. Of course, we also take care of the implementation of all protective rights and the defense against protective rights.

Our services

Our attorneys are specialists for trademark, design and patent law.

Our Experts support you in attaining, managing, implementing and defending protective rights. In addition they also assist with further legal questions.

Attaining and managing of protective rights:

  • counseling and representation in all areas of intellectual and technical protective rights in Germany and abroad
  • development and implementation of cost efficient and success-oriented patent strategies (nationally and internationally)
  • drafting and filing of all established types of protective rights (patents, utility models, designs, trademarks, topographies etc.) nationally and internationally
  • drafting and editing invention disclosures according to the Employee Invention Act as well as processing of inventor remuneration
  • management of technical and intellectual protective rights (monitoring of deadlines, payment of annuity and renewal fees)

Implementation and defense against protective rights:

  • opposition against protective rights of third parties and defense of protective rights of our clients in litigation and invalidity proceedings before all offices and all instances
  • implementation of protective rights before the relevant courts
  • interim procedures (preliminary injunctions), in particular in cases of border seizures and seizures at trade fairs

Other legal counselling:

  • IP Due Diligence (in-depth examination of the legal position of companies concerning legal and technical protective rights)
  • protective rights, trademark and name research as well as monitoring of companies
  • research, registration and monitoring of domains (protection from colliding domain registrations)
  • protective rights and/or license strategies for intellectual and technical protective rights
  • drafting of contracts (license agreements, rights purchase agreements etc.) in connection with intellectual and technical protective rights
  • preparation of legal reports concerning the validity of tights and infringement of intellectual and technical protective rights
  • counselling and handling in matters of recruitment of subsidies
  • help with patent exploitation

We value transparency of costs

Transparency is an important issue for us. Our clients are always informed about the costs that await them. To minimize these throughout the course the application for protective right must be carefully drafted. This requires time which pays off short term and in the long run. The application is the basis for a successful grant procedure and for a well-enforceable and stable protective right. The better and the more exact the application is executed, the more it helps with minimizing future costs.

Costs at PATRONUS IP can also be saved for the nationalization process of European patents: Our clients profit from the fact that we can obtain national protective rights in many European countries without having to rely on national attorneys.