Your Patent Attorneys in Munich, Salzburg and Heidelberg

You have the idea for a unique product, a new trademark or service? We at Patronus IP are experienced experts and escort you from the invention to the protection of your patent. We support you in all questions and matters in the area of trademark protection and IP rights.

Why you should request IP protection:

Your development and marketing results present valuable intellectual property, which should be protected against the use by third parties. Technical developments can be protected as patents or utility models. Product names can be protected as a trademark. Designs offer the possibility to protect your designs and compositions of products. The monopolies that can be created in this way can secure you an exclusive standing within the market.

Why it is sensible to involve a patent attorney:

The application procedures in any field are complex and extensive. Accordingly the process demands a lot of time, skill and know-how. You can concentrate on your innovations while we take care of the legal details. This applies no matter whether you are an inventor, a small business or a big international corporation.

The tasks we undertake:

As experienced attorneys we support you in all aspects of intellectual property protection. This ranges from the drafting and filing of your intellectual property application across the supervision of the grant procedure up to the enforcement of your protective rights against third parties. We counsel you in important legal formalities and take over complex tasks. We also represent you in procedures before the patent and trademark offices. These tasks are very challenging and require a close relationship of mutual trust, which is why our consultations are always personal, customized and of course confidential.

As patent attorneys we are not just legal advisors!

Our experts for the locations in Munich, Heidelberg and Salzburg stem from the areas of physics, chemistry, biotechnology, software and engineering. Therefore we can deal closely with your ideas. We also cultivate a worldwide network of specialists and associate patent attorney firms.


„Our experience protects you from mistakes!“

This is a matter of your protective rights, therefore your trust is very important to us. During the process of drafting your patent application we take the time for extensive personal and confidential dialogue. We explain in a comprehensible way how the legal process laid out before you will play out. Your invention is in safe hands!

We will tell you frankly about your legal position for getting a patent and count on transparency when it comes to awaiting costs. We guide you seamlessly from idea to market.

The trademark protection and patent law are complex legal areas. Mistakes are easily made when one does not deal daily with these matters. To protect your invention efficiently and permanently you should make use of the support of our specialists. Especially the formulating of the patent application demands finesse – You can profit from our long years of experience.

We are very proficient in the areas of physics, chemistry, software, biotechnology and engineering and are registered as German Patent Attorneys as well as representatives before the European Patent Office. We can also draw on a worldwide network of experts and associate patent attorney firms.









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